Every player has to believe they can be great before the greatness can actually be achieved.

The belief in yourself…… your handle, your pull up jumper or your ability to draw a charge from a opponent.

I am an ordinary kid from a place called Suriname. My mom was a teacher and my dad worked in a small business. I loved my family and the place where I grew up but growing up I always felt like my goal of becoming a professional basketball player was looked at as being too ambitious by other people.

“Professional basketball player is nice but you should think about working at a bank!”

Something I imagined people saying if I ever told someone of my plan to play for the San Antonio Spurs one day. Although I rarely talked about my basketball goals, it was always as clear as day for me. I did not know exactly how I was going to get there but I believed in myself and I knew I could figure it out.

Later I would come to realize that that belief in myself, in my abilities would carry me from Suriname, to Amsterdam to North Carolina & New York all while dribbling the ball and conquering the person standing across from me.  

“believe in yourself” what people really mean when they say this is believe in your potential.  It’s belief in your potential that allows you to look yourself in the mirror after a loss and say “I need to become better”. It’s belief in your potential that gives you strength when a coach tells you “you don’t have what it takes to play D1 basketball”.

It’s belief in your potential that gives you strength when your teammates don’t care about winning. Without that belief in your potential I would have crumbled at the first loss, obstacle or set back.

People’s ask me why I invest my resources in these kids.

I believe that every young person’s potential is sacred and I believe in their potential. Through One Sports I want to help kids to see the potential they have and then inspire them to OWN IT! To OWN THEIR POTENTIAL and never let anyone, any obstacle or negative person take their potential away. We just happen to this teach this by helping kids shoot and dribble a basketball better!